Wednesday, November 02, 2005

welsh assembly water company rip off

well you'll have to read this lot upside down.
These came out of the re-designate houses of multiple occupancy shared homes. The water company through sub-division can now charge more for the water to the property than they could as a house. My question to all the apologist for this anomaly and they run from Assembly members, OFWAT, itself and the consumer group Watervoice is this in most instances there would be no probable ussage increase.

Especially not in most of the council accomodation or that of housing association properties, and as the vast majority of those belong in the SPECIAL NEEDS, catergory for cheaper water, its awonder it has never been done.

There is something else to go with this change, All new build properties now have to have compulsory metering, yet OFWAT has not made it compulsory to fit roof rain water collection systems, WHY? OH WHY? OH WHY?

They talk about sustainability, in areas know to have water shortages, you would think that it would be installed in ever home new or old. But then Government want us to be consumers rather that be allowed to have free supply from the roofs of our homes.

When I inquired of the environment agency in 2000/2001 they had no figures of how much on average a roof could collect. Thats remarkable isn't it. But then if we consumed less from the water companies, the ole shared holders and government wouldn't be coining it in now would they.

Yeah who are the professional elite making a killing out of the vulnerable well water companies are one, because those who have the least are paying most to these few, and thats criminal especially when there is no need for it.

But whose to protect us when the Director General of OFWAT, refuses to challenge accepted practice on the poors behalf. It certainly has not been my MP, or my Assembly Member.

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